Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Counselling with Kassandra and my very first blog entry!

My name is Kassandra, and if you have already explored the rest of my website, you are aware that I am an experienced qualified integrative counsellor. And if you haven’t yet please feel free to do so!

Blogging however, well this is very much a new experience for me, and I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and opinions not only about counselling and psychotherapy, but exploring the complexities of modern-day life, looking behind the reasons we may seek help and exploring ways we could all benefit from a bit of self-care.

Why did I want to start a blog?

Well, in my work I realise that I ask my clients to come out of their comfort zones and embrace their vulnerabilities with, in essence, a total stranger. While I don’t stay a stranger for long, I know this can be a difficult and hard process.

I therefore thought to myself, how could I make this process easier?

Which is when it came to me, why not write a blog!

Firstly, because it is out of my own comfort zone. Yes, even qualified counsellors have vulnerabilities. How can I ask my clients to own their vulnerabilities if I am not willing to share mine?

To say, ‘I’ve been there too’.

Secondly, that life can be difficult – there are times where we all struggle to make sense of life experiences, situations and relationships. Sometimes these can be overwhelming, we feel isolated and alone, and like no one else understands. And while all our experiences are unique and individual to us – I wanted to show that others may have similar thoughts, feelings and experiences.

 To say, ‘You aren’t alone’.

And lastly, to explain more about the process and demonstrate the benefits of counselling, to take away any stigma attached to seeking help. I mean, where else can you be heard, understood or have focused attention without having to give anything back?

To say, ‘I’m here to help’.

So whether you are or become a client, or someone considering counselling, maybe you just stumbled upon this blog during a difficult time, or perhaps you are simply looking to nurture your own wellbeing – my hope is for you to get the most out of your own life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog entry. I officially stepped out of my comfort zone today, what could you do to step out of your comfort zone?

Please like, comment, share and follow and until next time:

be kind | embrace growth | nurture relationships


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