What I offer

The quality of the relationship between counsellor and client is the foundation upon which healing experiences are built.

As my client your wellbeing is my primary concern, I therefore offer a quality service working to professional standards by protecting and maintaining your confidentiality and privacy, and ensuring a collaborative partnership in which together we will decide how we work.

I will provide you with a safe place in which you will be able to speak honestly and openly about your feelings and concerns. To be fully present for you as a client and attentive to your experiences, providing you space to be understood, to fully explore and be seen for who you really are and what you want – allowing you the opportunity to find your own voice and find ways of following it.

The core values supporting my vision includes:

  • Kindred – ‘similar in kind’

To create an environment which encourages an equal and collaborative therapeutic relationship. To provide a space where I will offer you no answers or solutions – I am not an expert on you – but together help to enhance your self-awareness and increased self-understanding.

  • Genuine – ‘authentic’

To be real and work with you sincerely. To be open with you the client and share my thoughts and observations.

  • Reflective – ‘deep thought’

To provide you a thoughtful space to consider and contemplate honestly and openly. To help you to ‘hear’ your own thoughts and focus on your feelings

Together, I hope we can build a trusting therapeutic relationship, based on:

  • understanding
  • acceptance
  • empathy
  • warmth
  • support
  • and respect

in which as the client you feel valued and psychologically held.

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